Message from the Director

After many years in medical development, I had exhausted the opportunities for advanced learning.   Earlier in my career, I found many useful programs for development officers, but as my roles and responsibilities advanced, and after I had mastered the basics, I could not find a single program that might elevate my professional performance as a thought leader in our field.  I established the JHMPI to address this gap.

At the JHMPI, we draw upon innovative thinking from diverse realms – business and management, social sciences such as ethics and psychology, “hard” sciences including data science and clinical research – to inform, strengthen, and enlighten the work that you and I perform daily, as development leaders in medical institutions.  If you want to increase your skills, understanding, and performance, so as to better serve your institution and its patients, I hope you will join us.

Steve Rum
Founder and Director
Johns Hopkins Medicine Philanthropy Institute