A Message from the JHMPI Co-Directors

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Philanthropy Institute (JHMPI) is designed to elevate our professional performance as thought leaders in the field of medical fundraising. While there are a multitude of useful programs designed for medical development officers, when roles and responsibilities advance well beyond the basics, there is a dearth of advanced learning options available.  The JHMPI fills this gap and provides in an intimate, small-scale cohort setting the opportunity for professional growth to elevate your institution’s medical philanthropy program.

At the JHMPI, our core concepts are centered on innovative thinking from diverse realms – including business and management, social sciences such as ethics and psychology, and “hard” sciences such as data science and clinical research – to inform, strengthen, and enlighten the work that we perform daily as development leaders in medical institutions.  Furthermore, our content is delivered from a diverse group of medical development professionals who do this work, and implement these concepts, each and every day.

Together we have developed a program, today, which we wish had existed in years prior – designed for professional development officers looking for networking and training focused on increasing your skills, understanding, and performance, so as to better serve your institution and its patients and families. We hope you will join us on this journey forward.

Michelle L. Glennon, ESQ.
Interim Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Michael Hibler, MPA
Assistant Vice President
Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine