The JHMPI Summit

The world of medical development has changed substantially over the pandemic years.  Having paused the JHMPI Summer Institute in 2020, and held it virtually in 2021, we are motivated to update the program in this light.

In August 2022, we will host a JHMPI Summit – a gathering of all interested past graduates of the JHMPI Summer Institute in which we (1) collectively re-envision and redesign the program, and (2) provide opportunities for participants to reconnect with their classmates and learn from one another.

What to expect

  • a drill-down into the JHMPI Summer Institute curriculum and group evaluation
  • dynamic sessions to generate ideas for curriculum update and innovation
  • immersive discussions on pressing areas of change in our profession
  • a preview of forward-looking initiatives in progress at FJHM
  • opportunities for networking and learning from colleagues